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P50 Service Free 6 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

The formulation of the chemical in this F Class extinguisher is based on nitrogenated derivatives and ammonium salts of phosphoric acid and hydrocarbon and fluorinated surfactants in aqueous solution. The extinguisher medium forms a seal on the surface preventing re-ignition.

It is suitable to be used on Class F (cooking oil) fires.

£270.70 incl. VAT

  • Manufactured in Great Britain.
  • 10 year operational corrosion guarantee.
  • 10 year quality assurance on material defects and workmanship.
  • 20 year life cycle.
  • No service contract required.
  • Requires only one manufacturer overhaul at 10 years.
  • A yearly visual maintenance inspection checking indicators with the magnet.
  • Recyclable 100% recyclable.
  • Super strength Aramid (Kevlar®) type material yarn.
  • Lightweight for ease of operation.
  • Kitemark, PED and EN3 approved.
  • Manufacturer disposal of contents meets EU environmental guidance.
  • UV protection of the outer casing.
  • QA laser serial number on outer casing.
  • Operational valve – nickel plated brass.
  • World recognised patented design.
  • Main approvals and certifications as below.
  • Model : P50FC
  • Capacity (Litres) : 6
  • Fire Rating : 75F
  • Full Weight (Kgs) : 9.08
  • Temp Range : +5º to + 60ºC
  • Operating Pressure (Bar) @ 20c : 9
  • Discharge Duration Secs : 35
  • Discharge Range (M) : Not available
  • Diameter (mm) : 178
  • Height (mm) : 570


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P50 Service Free 6 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher