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Cig-Arrete Wireless Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm (CSA-GOV/R)

New for 2012 is the Cig-Arrête Wireless Smoke Detector with Voice Alarm. This new cigarette detection range takes all of the best-loved features of the existing Cig-Arrête system and introduces wireless technology to give users a flexible and easy-to-install cigarette smoke detection system.

Cigarette smoke detectors are ideal for detecting smokers in bathrooms and other likely smoking locations in places like schools, hospitals, offices and other buildings where smoking is banned.

Wireless Smoking Detectors are particularly quick and simple to install as they do not require wiring to allow them to communicate, instead using radio frequencies to transmit detector information.

Wiring isn’t essential for power either. The Cig-Arrête Wireless Smoke Detector can use just 4 alkaline AA batteries for power, however mains power via a 6V DC power supply is recommended for high traffic areas.

Furthermore, upon detection of smoke this detector will sound any pre-recorded voice message of your choice to anyone caught smoking. SmartWave audio software produces a high-resolution audio broadcast that can be heard clearly in any location while SD card technology allows you to store up to 100 voice files in each unit.

Using a hand-held remote you have the ability to select any voice recording to be played and can even program time delays between messages to ensure they are broadcast at the correct time for maximum impact. Voice files can be pre-programmed to play sequentially or individually.

Using a Windows PC, you can remove and upload new audio files to the removable SD card. The Windows file structure allows simple ‘drag & drop’ file copying making the addition of new files a quick and easy task.

Additionally, the Cig-Arrête Wireless Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm is backwards compatible with any existing Cig-Arrête smoke detector. This allows the wireless smoking detector to be used with existing Cig-Arrête smoke detection components to provide system flexibility and give your old cigarette detection system a new lease of life.

NOTE: The Cig-Arrête Remote Control is sold separately.

£168.49 incl. VAT

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  • Removable SD card stores up to 100 audio files.
  • SmartWave high-resolution voice playback software.
  • Windows compatible file structure allows 'drag & drop' file copying.
  • Powered using x4 AA alkaline batteries or 6V DC Power supply.
  • Wireless communication between devices using radio frequencies.
  • Backwards compatible with older Cig-Arrête anti-smoking devices.


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Cig-Arrete Wireless Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm (CSA-GOV/R)