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Cig-Arrete Wireless Flame Detector c/w Voice Alarm (CSA-FOV/R)

Wireless technology has been effectively used in the new Cig-Arrête Wireless Flame Detector – a cigarette detector that uses flame detection technology and also features a pre-programmable voice alarm.

Before anyone can smoke, they first have to light their cigarette. To do that they need a source of ignition in the form of a flame from a cigarette lighter or a simple match. The purpose of a flame detector is to detect this flame and sound an alarm, stopping smokers in their tracks.

Cigarette flame detectors are designed to detect smoking in areas where a cigarette smoke detectors may not be suitable. This includes areas that are subject to wind, ventilation or smoke from machinery. Areas where smokers often look to have an undisturbed cigarette include rest-rooms and other quiet, secluded areas in buildings such as offices, schools, restaurants and transport stations.

Once the Cig‐Arrête Wireless Flame Detector successfully detects a flame it will sound a pre-recorded voice message of your choice to the smoker. If multiple wireless cigarette detectors are connected they will all sound the alarm too. The message played can be any audio file of your choice, in any language. In fact, the flame detector has the ability to store up to 100 audio files on its removable SD card.

Using a hand-held remote you can select the appropriate voice message for the location and you’ll also have the ability to add time delays to voice message broadcasts, ensuring the message is played at the correct time for maximum impact. SmartWave software ensures high-resolution, clear audio playback which retains its quality in virtually any environment.

There’s no need for any programming knowledge either, just a sound understanding of computers and file transfers. The Windows based file structure allows the simple copying and removal of files via drag & drop functionality – all you need is a compatible Windows PC.

This wireless cigarette flame detector can either be powered via either x4 AA alkaline batteries or a 6V DC power supply. Installation and commission is very quick, especially if using the battery power option – a typical triple detector and sounder wireless cigarette detection system can be set up in as little as an hour.

NOTE: The Cig-Arrête Remote Control is sold separately.

£198.23 incl. VAT

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  • Wireless communication between devices using radio frequencies.
  • Removable SD card stores up to 100 audio files.
  • SmartWave high-resolution voice playback software.
  • Windows compatible file structure allows 'drag & drop' file copying.
  • Powered using x4 AA alkaline batteries or 6V DC Power supply.
  • Backwards compatible with older Cig-Arrête anti-smoking devices.


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Cig-Arrete Wireless Flame Detector c/w Voice Alarm (CSA-FOV/R)